5 Ways To Beat Lilith In Diablo IV

2 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

Diablo IV is one of the few games that exceptionally builds the game up during the final act. As the heroes in the game fight their way through the Burning Hells to find Lilith, you become the final hope of the Sanctuary. This all comes to a climax in The Cathedral of Hatred. Here players have to fight Lilith not once but in fact twice.

Here are five ways to beat Lilith in Diablo IV and move further in the game.

5 ways to beat Lilith in Diablo IV

Level up to 50 and gear up

Lilith is a tough boss, thus you would need to be at least level 50 and have some good gear handy before you take her on. Upgrade your weapons and armor, and use any runes or gems that you have to better your stats.

Learn her attacks. 

Lilith is known for using a variety of attacks. Thus it is crucial to learn what they are and how you can avoid them. Some of Lilith’s attacks can be easily dodged, while others can prove to be more deadly. Once you learn about her attacks and know what to expect, you’ll be less likely to get hit.

Use crowd control abilities. 

Lilith often summons minions to fight alongside her. These minions can be a real nuisance in the game. Here some crowd control abilities to keep them at bay can be handy. Abilities such as Stuns, freezes, and slows can be used in this situation.

Focus on her weak spots. 

Like anyone else, Lilith too has a few weak spots. For example her head and her wings. You can do more damage and beat her easily if you focus your attacks on these areas.

Bring a friend. 

Being a tough boss, Lilith can easily be taken down with a friend. In case you have a friend who is also playing Diablo IV, simply team up with them and take Lilith down together.

Tips to Beat Lilith

  • Here are some additional tips that can help you beat Lilith in fights:
  • Use potions and elixirs to heal yourself faster and boost your stats.
  • Do not be afraid to use your ultimate ability whenever required.
  • If you’re struggling to fight her, try changing your character and choose a different build.
  • Lastly, keep practicing and eventually you will be able to defeat Lilith.
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