Why Does Black Desert Still A Worthy Game in 2023? 3 Reasons You Should Need To Know

3 months ago By Ronny Walker

Starting to play an MMO in 2023 seems “quite amazing”. But this is about 20 years or so —because we would start around 14-15 years old—, and We have never leapt what many consider “massively multiplayer” in the Black Desert. The most massive thing we have ever played has been Battlefield, if we reduce that “massiveness” to just 64 players -128 in Battlefield 2042, that’s something. Therefore, when we leapt to the Black Desert Land of the Morning Light or the Land of Radiant Dawn, we felt overwhelmed and constrained. How were we going to be able to encompass the entire MMO experience of almost 10 years in and write it without getting to 2033? This is how we did it without dying trying, enjoying our hours of play and discovering a guilty pleasure that we didn’t know.

Little by little means start at the end

What we saw with Black Desert was that it was an exciting experience full of possibilities. Massive online games have evolved significantly in terms of possibilities, and we were late to all of them. We knew that BDO had seen relevant changes even in the graphic section, and reaching the show with Land of the Morning implied that we were going to start the course when there are already players with honours. From the moment we entered the game, we found ourselves immersed in an ever-evolving world full of possibilities to explore.

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And here is our first decision: start at the end. The Land of Bright Dawn has been sold to the big gamer as an outlier expansion. Well, there is no one more atypical than us in Black Desert. The idea of it being a game world —with Korean inspiration, by the way— where each of the bosses is a pillar with a titanic and easy-to-follow story around it. It’s not your typical massively multiplayer content. Something that made headlines was the absence of enemies outside of these final bosses.

Better if we complicate little with the characters

They feel like real bosses to fight. Gumiho or Sangoon, which crowns this text, are great regardless of how proficient you are in dealing with them. We, for example, are a little more than “useless” as long as our experience is minimal and our main is a Shai, as those of you who are more proficient in the game will already know, that her combat is very zonal and always being there.

Even so, the fact that we only faced these bosses and the narrative load of the expansion has been enough to satisfy us. Also, we understand that this expansion is the first or one of the few—forgive us if it isn’t—an expansion that doesn’t include a new character to try out, which has certainly made character picking slightly easier. There are 26 characters in total. Having added a twenty-seventh we don’t know to what extent it would have complicated our gaming experience, but we already spent more than an hour deciding which one to choose, if they give us one less on the list, the better.

Maybe someone will say, 60 minutes and you’ve caught a Shai? Well, her animations are smooth and pretty and we love the concept of constantly moving damage for bosses. For this reason, our maxim was, when we saw the Shai’s type of combat in various videos, not to complicate our life with our main and jump into the game with it. In addition, as we have been able to repeat the bosses to the taste of a server thanks to the Boss Blitz -although there are indeed limitations with some of them per week-, we have managed to improve little by little a class that we have read is not bad to enter, but hard to master.

Contained by a tube, for better and for worse

There is enough content to enjoy it in several rounds. Of course, not everything is good, or at least not for the most seasoned. There is a certain ” sterility ” in the scenarios, as we explain. Starting at the end, with an expansion that implies going beyond everything typical of an MMO implies that there are a lot of “filler” moments, where we are required to dance around the map without running into anything. This is a double-edged blade. For us, as a newbie and for what we wanted to write this text, it has served us well, we mean, we were overwhelmed and scared by the idea of having so much first-rate content. Like a menu that you must taste in time so as not to be left behind.

There is so much of it that you can spend tens if not hundreds of hours in the game and not get to see it all. The problem is that the novice is much more likely to feel excessively violated with so much on the screen. We’ve always had the idea that if you don’t start in an MMO in the early years, you better not start. There are quests, events, challenges, and activities that will keep you entertained for hours. Whether you prefer to explore dungeons, engage in PvP combat, or embark on the expansions’ core narrative. We wouldn’t know where to start, and that’s why Land of the Morning Light has seemed to us like that teacher who truly feels devotion to what he does and wants you to learn without generating hatred along the way.

We had read that one of the recommendations that most veterans give is to approach the game as a rookie in Eternal Winter. And we have tried it, yes, but once we finished with this latest expansion, and how much truth in so few sentences, but at the same time how much lies. It is the type of content that we would not have tasted calmly. Black Desert’s story embraces you from this point and you get a broader overview, but that large amount of content, as well as those non-stop community interactions that are otherwise the foundation of any MMORPG experience, could be over with us.

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We are a pretty “fine” player, who wants a full experience, but with rails from the start if it’s very extensive. our experience with Land of the Morning Light has been good. We wouldn’t know if it’s the best MMO to start with. We’ve heard everything from how the learning curve is pretty steep, to how Pearl Abyss isn’t the best team. We don’t know anything about that,  We just know that it delivers as promised. It’s good for a particular newbie, and We guess for the newbie, considering that it’s free, it won’t be bad Like much different.

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