5 Banned GTA Weapons That You Need To Know About

2 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

There are several weapons in GTA. While some weapons exhibit exceptional power and might, there are some weapons that are extremely lethal. And then there are weapons that are so dangerous that they are even banned from the game? We’ve curated a list of 5 banned weapons in GTA, that every GTA fan need to know about.

5 Banned GTA Weapons

The Orbital Cannon

The orbital cannon is a satellite-based weapon. It can fire a powerful laser beam that has the capability of destroying anything that comes in its path. The weapon is banned from the game because it is so overpowered that it can be used to grief other players. This is a very expensive weapon, that costs $750,000 to use. It can only be used once every 48 minutes, and takes up to 30 seconds to lock on to a target. In spite of its time, the damage it creates is devastating. Any vehicle or building in a single shot of orbital cannon, and it can even kill players if they are not in cover.

The Rail Gun

The rail gun is a futuristic weapon that can fire high-velocity projectile capable of penetrating any armor. This weapon is again a powerful one that can be used to kill players with a single shot, thus causing it to be banned. It is a very rare weapon, that can only be obtained through certain missions or by modding the game. Its accuracy can be used to snipe players even from long range.

The Minigun

Although it is named Minigun, it is an extremely powerful machine gun capable of firing hundreds of rounds in a single minute. Its destructive ability and its ability to mow down large groups of players led to this weapon being banned from the game. The Minigun is a powerful weapon, that can be used to quickly take down large groups of enemies. However, it might sometimes be inaccurate, and difficult to use at longer range.

The Tank

The tank is a heavily armored vehicle that is includes a powerful cannon. It can be easily used to dominate other players in combat and thus it was banned from GTA. The destructive vehicle can easily destroy the other vehicles and buildings. Besides it is very difficult to destroy the tank. It can cause a lot of damage before it is taken down.

The Hydra

The Hydra is a fighter jet armed with missiles and cannons. Its power and ability to grief other players from the air made it necessary to be banned. The dangerous aircraft can easily attack other aircrafts and ground targets. Its fast and maneuverable nature make it difficult to be shot down.

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