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2 months ago By AI Smith

The zombie genre has been extensively explored in various forms of media, including anime. However, finding fresh perspectives and unique angles within this genre can be challenging. Despite its conventional zombie apocalypse backdrop, ZOM 100: Bucket List of The Dead takes a different approach. It delves into the dark comedy territory, using the undead invasion as a wake-up call for its protagonist, Akira Tendo. This article explores the premise, highlights the show’s distinctiveness, and provides an analysis of its potential. Additionally, we’ll delve into the rating and reception the series has received so far.

Akira’s Journey: Living vs. Being Alive

ZOM 100 revolves around Akira Tendo, who finds himself in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. However, the series goes beyond typical survival horror and instead focuses on Akira’s personal journey. Through the chaos of the undead, Akira learns to truly live rather than merely exist in a life devoid of purpose. The anime delves into thought-provoking revelations right from its first episode, setting the stage for an engaging narrative that separates itself from the mindless hordes of zombies. Furthermore, ZOM 100 immerses viewers in a world filled with gore and vivid visuals, making for a captivating and visually stimulating experience.

A Dark Comedy Twist

One of the remarkable aspects of ZOM 100 is its comical take on the end of the world. The series centers around a character who despises his life and has nothing to lose in the face of an apocalypse. This radical premise injects humor into the narrative, effectively subverting genre tropes and incorporating moments reminiscent of romantic comedies. However, these lighthearted moments are quickly juxtaposed with scenes of destruction, amplifying the overall comedic impact. Drawing inspiration from Edgar Wright’s “Shaun of the Dead,” ZOM 100 maintains a similar tone but ventures into more intense and absurd territories. It is important to note that while the influence of “Shaun of the Dead” is evident, ZOM 100 manages to establish its own identity as the story progresses.

Visual Style and Music

ZOM 100’s visual presentation contributes significantly to its appeal. The first episode employs a simple yet effective technique where the color palette becomes muted during an extended flashback sequence. This stylistic choice effectively captures the dullness and lifelessness of Akira’s corporate existence. However, when the zombie apocalypse begins, vibrant colors flood Akira’s reality, symbolizing his newfound freedom and liberation from responsibilities. This contrast between the drab and the vibrant adds depth to the visual storytelling. Additionally, the music in ZOM 100 is noteworthy, with the opening theme song, “Song of the Dead” by KANA-BOON, capturing the show’s bombastic and carefree energy.

Episode Analysis and Pacing

ZOM 100’s first episode sets a strong foundation for the series, albeit at a relatively slow pace. The episode covers a span of three years in 24 minutes, which may feel condensed for some viewers. It would have benefited from a two-episode premiere to allow the story to unfold more naturally. Alternatively, starting the series slightly further into Akira’s journey could have created a more engaging initial impression. However, considering that the show has script supervision by Hiroshi Seko, known for his work on renowned anime such as Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Mob Psycho 100, any concerns about pacing should dissipate as subsequent episodes unfold.

Rating and Reception

ZOM 100 has garnered positive feedback from both fans and critics. On IMDB, it holds a solid rating of 8.5/186, indicating a favorable response from viewers. Likewise, on MyAnimeList, it has achieved a rating of 8.45/13,710, showcasing its growing popularity within the anime community. The series’ blend of zombie carnage and the struggle of a dead-end job has contributed to its unique appeal, making it one of the year’s most entertaining and unsettling comedies.

ZOM 100: Bucket List of The Dead stands out within the zombie genre by infusing dark comedy, meaningful character development, and a visually captivating experience. While it may initially draw comparisons to “Shaun of the Dead,” ZOM 100 quickly establishes its own narrative and thematic identity. With an engaging premise, distinct visual style, and competent script supervision, the series holds promise for further development. As the story progresses, viewers can expect Akira’s journey to unfold, his bucket list to take shape, and the absurdity of the zombie apocalypse to offer poignant reflections on life, purpose, and seizing the moment.

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