Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Top 8 Essential Side Quests| How To Achieve Them

7 months ago By AI Smith

Nintendo Switch’s ZTOTK invites us to explore a huge world full of content. Players can complete the game in about 12 hours if they are skilled enough and stick to the main quests only and ignore all the extra content.

However, we believe that this is not how this title should be played. Six years have passed since the release of Breath of the Wild and it may be another six years until the next Zelda game comes out. So, the best thing we can do is make the most of all the content that this new instalment offers us.

Therefore, in this article, we bring you eight side missions that you should not miss during your adventure.

1. Bring peace to the Field of Hyrule

Players will be able to access this quest, once they have completed the Purah task and obtained the Paraglider. Once these tasks are finished, the NPCs will tell Link that they have seen Sickle – the captain who was looking for Zelda in the castle -, heading towards the south of the city with some men to face off against some monsters.

If the players head to the designated location and talk to Sickle and his men, the side quest will begin. After finding and defeating the monsters, Sickle will reward you with 100 Rupees. In short, a fun mission to get easy money.

2. Who is there?

This is another secondary mission that we can complete in Lookout Landing. We don’t know exactly when this quest spawns, but we do know it happens after going back to the city dugout a few times. Here, Jerrin – the sweeper of the shelter – confesses to Link that he accidentally broke one of the walls while he was sweeping.

Players must then investigate the cave where they will find one of the statues that appeared in Breath of the Wild. Another quest will be activated here, which once completed, will allow players to improve their health and stamina.

3. Hestu’s concerns

Another of the secondary characters that make his appearance again in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is Hestu. Let’s remember that this giant Korok helped us expand the inventory of our weapons in the first game. This time he will be no different. We will only have to take Korok Seeds in exchange for him to help us.

After his first encounter with Link, Hestu will create his residence in Lookout Landing so that players can more easily come to make improvements.

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4. Serenade a great fairy

In addition to upgrading Link’s inventory and stats, players can also upgrade their clothing and armour pieces. In The Legend of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom this process is carried out in the same way as in its predecessor; through the Great Fairies. There are four of these in the entire game and each one is tied to a Wandering Minstrel Quest.

To start this quest, head northwest from Lookout Landing to Woodland Stable; to begin with the first part of Serenade to a great fairy.

5. The Sketchy Barn

The Sketchy Stable is another side quest that can be easily found in Lookout Landing. Those of you who have played Breath of the Wild will remember that there were several stables scattered throughout Hyrule. Well, in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom something similar happens. However, the one at Lookout Landing is an exception.

If we go to one of the doors, they will meet Karson, one of the Hudson Construction workers, who will ask us for help to fix the stable. The mission is very simple because the players will only have to change one of the ceiling boards. Once the task is done, we will be able to capture a horse in this region.

6. Team Cece or Team Reede

This quest takes place in Hateno Village and consists of several parts. In the first, players must help Cece – a local designer – to win the mayoral election. From here, the player will have to carry out various tasks including chasing squirrels to obtain acorns and another in which they will have to exchange mushrooms for hats.

Performing all of these tasks will allow players to purchase pieces of Cece’s clothing and armour. Here we will be able to obtain the Royal Guard uniform, which has a +4 in defence at the beginning.

7. Gloom-Borne Disease

This quest takes place in Kakariko Village, and upon completion, it will allow players to purchase new armour. Lasli is afraid that his Nanna will die from the Gloom. Because of this, players will need to collect Hylian Rice, Fresh Milk, and Sundelions to create a recipe and heal Nanna.

This recipe can later be used by players to restore up to three health points or to recover three hearts, after having lost them to the Gloom. This is especially useful for those players who wish to explore the depths of Hyrule. Also, by completing this mission, the Stealth and Radiant armour sets will be unlocked in the game.

8. The Bubbul Gem Hunt

Players will be able to find some giant glowing frogs in the caverns of Hyrule. Upon defeating them, the player will be rewarded with Bubbul Gems, which will be of great importance in completing this quest.

Players will be able to start this quest at Woodland Stable, which is located northwest of Lookout Landing. Well, once there, if we go behind the stable, we will find two strange characters near a pond: Kilton and Koltin.

If we offer Bubbul Gems to these characters, they will reward us with various monster skins. These skins will help the player to go incognito among the most common enemies that we will find during our adventure.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was released on May 12 and is currently available for Nintendo Switch, both physically and digitally.

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