What Is Jack Jeanne? Review, Price, Expectation, Conclusion 

2 months ago By Randell Jhonson

If you’re a fan of Otome games, you’re in for a treat with Jack Jeanne. While it falls under the otome game genre, which typically focuses on a love plot with minimal gameplay, Jack Jeanne sets itself apart by incorporating interactive elements that make it feel more like an actual game. 

Published by Aksys for the Nintendo Switch, Jack Jeanne was initially released in Japan in March 2021 and finally made its way to an English-speaking audience on June 15, 2023. Get ready to immerse yourself in the glamorous world of Jack Jeanne with its review, price,  expectation and conclusion. 

What is Jack Jeanne?

Jack Jeanne is an Otome game that centers around Kisa Tachibana’s pursuit of a career in the performing arts. Set in the prestigious Univeil Drama School, Kisa faces a gender barrier, as the academy only admits male actors. 

However, a chance encounter with the school’s principal changes her fate, allowing her entry under the condition that she keeps her identity as a female hidden. The game combines elements of romance, drama, and self-discovery, all set within the captivating world of theatre.

Jack Jeanne Review – Story

The central premise of Jack Jeanne revolves around Kisa Tachibana, who has always dreamed of pursuing a career in the performing arts at the prestigious Univeil Drama School. However, her ambitions are thwarted by the school’s policy of only admitting male actors. 

But a chance encounter with the school’s principal changes her fate, allowing her entry on two conditions: she must be chosen as the main lead in the final performance, and she must keep her identity as a female a secret. The concept of gender swapping and the journey of self-discovery in the realm of acting make for a captivating and enjoyable storyline.

Similar to most Otome games, Jack Jeanne features a common route where you play as Kisa and follow the main plot. Throughout the common route, you make crucial decisions that lead you down individual paths with the game’s six male romanceable characters. In addition to the common route, Kisa also has her own personal route, making a total of seven unique storylines to explore. Let’s meet the cast of potential suitors:

Suzu Orimaki: The amiable best friend type, Suzu quickly befriends Kisa and supports her from the beginning. He exudes a likeable personality and is a hardworking individual who is always motivated to excel in his tasks.

Soshiro Yonaga: Kisa’s childhood friend and the only person who knows her secret. Soshiro looks up to Kisa and is always ready to lend a helping hand to his friends. His kind and gentle nature make him a reliable companion.

Mitsuki Shirota: A talented singer, Mitsuki often assists with singing lessons and exhibits a passion for all things related to his craft. His initially disinterested and standoffish demeanour gradually gives way to a deeper connection as the story unfolds.

Sarafumi Takashina: The elegant dancer of the group, Sarafumi strives to recreate the exhilarating performances he once had with Kisa’s brother. He possesses a laid-back attitude, flirts with Kisa, and showcases his intelligence and intuition.

Kai Mutsumi: The tall, dark, and handsome Jack Ace of Quartz, Kai is passionate about acting and frequently spends time coaching his peers. He is kind, selfless, and endearing, making him a favorite among players.

Neji Kokuto: An eccentric character, Neji is the scriptwriter and director of the plays performed by the group. He challenges his actors and pushes them to think deeply about their roles, adding an element of chaos to the story.

Jack Jeanne – Gameplay

While otome games tend to focus heavily on text, Jack Jeanne incorporates some RPG-esque elements to supplement the narrative. On school days, you attend classes and can choose to improve specific aspects of stagecraft, such as singing, agility, or dancing. Levelling up these stats enhances your relationship with particular characters and affects your performance in each stage play.

During weekends, you can explore a map, interact with characters, and unlock special events. Additionally, the game features rhythm minigames in which you must participate in dancing and singing challenges. These interactive elements add variety and serve as a welcome break from the text-heavy segments.

Jack Jeanne – Price

UK £44.99 | EU € 49,99 | US $49.99

Jack Jeanne: Expectations

Given the positive reception of Jack Jeanne in Japan, the game has generated high expectations among English-speaking audiences. Fans anticipate a well-localized version that captures the essence of the original Japanese release. The expectation is for a seamless translation, preserving the compelling story and character interactions. Players also hope for additional content and features to enhance the overall gaming experience.

Jack Jeanne Review: Conclusion

Jack Jeanne is a visually stunning otome game with a compelling cast of characters and a captivating storyline. It appeals not only to fans of the genre but also to those who may not typically play otome games due to its incorporation of light gameplay elements borrowed from RPGs and rhythm games.

If you enjoy stories centered around the drama of performing arts and group bonding during school, Jack Jeanne is an excellent choice. The beautiful art by Sui Ishida adds to the game’s allure, while snippets of gameplay provide an additional layer of excitement to the overall experience.

Whether you’re a dedicated otome game enthusiast or someone looking to explore the genre, Jack Jeanne offers an immersive and enjoyable journey filled with memorable characters and captivating storytelling. Get ready to lose yourself in this glamorous world as you embark on a heartfelt adventure.

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