VCT 2023 Season: 5 Reasons For DFM’s Miserable Defeats

1 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

DetonatioN FocusMe (DFM) is a Japanese professional Valorant team. They have been one of the most successful Valorant teams in the Asian region for a long time. However, in the recently concluded VCT 2023 Season, DFM was seen struggling and thus suffering a number of miserable defeats.But what could possible reasons for their defeats? Let’s find out.

5 Reasons For DFM’s Miserable Defeats

Here are five reasons we think for DFM’s miserable defeats in the VCT 2023 Season:

The meta shift

The Valorant meta version has shifted significantly since the start of the VCT 2023 Season. DFM found it difficult to adapt and thus struggled with the shift. The team which is known for its playstyle, relied on aggressive plays and early aggression as usual, but it was no longer as effective in the current meta.

Physical performance and Strategy

In one of the interviews, Seo “Suggest” Jae-young, the primary Duelist for DFM had reportedly said, “I think the most important reason why we lost is due to the physical performance and the strategies. For these two reasons, we lost the match today.”

The loss of key players

DFM lost two key players, Lakia and SugarZ3ro, in the offseason just before the VCT 2023 Season. Both these players were important members who have significantly contributed to the team’s success in the past.Their absence has been felt.

The loss in the first match

In the interview, he also stated, “The main reason why we lost on the first map was because of the two strategies that they had. Their first strategy was that RRQ players used a lot of skills (Agent utilities) on point A and then they send one or two players to B or C. That makes us focus really hard on point A.”

“The second strategy why we lost is because RRQ players used smokes very efficiently in point A. They used a very specific smoke on point A for one, two, or a small amount of players present there. They struggled with the 2v4 players. They used really efficient personnel in point A with the smoker in there, so that was really hard.” he adds


Finally, Suggest added, “I think our poor part is IGL (in-game leader) and physical. I think this is a league game so I have to show better physical performance for the next matches. So, I think we need to practice more of our physical performance.”

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