Valorant Episode 7 Act 1 All Passes: How to Redeem, team duel, 3 collections

2 months ago By Ronny Walker

Riot Games has prepared a whole assortment of great news for the start of Episode 7 of Valorant. A new chapter in the game’s story that will include additions such as the highly anticipated Team Duel game mode or a sentinel class agent. However, the arrival of new content does not imply abandoning some of the most established traditions throughout the history of the title. It’s time to enjoy a new Battle Pass that includes all the content we would expect from this promotion.

Valorant Battle Pass in Episode 7

The Valorant Battle Pass does not undergo major changes concerning its usual operation. The price remains at the traditional 1,000 non-recoverable Valorant Points. In return, we will obtain the expected rewards, including 12 skins belonging to three collections and which are only available on the paid side.

Additionally and also following the tradition, there is an extra cosmetic for all players who reach Level 50, regardless of whether they have checked out or not.

Blush Collection

Standing out for its combination of pink and black tones, this collection of skins includes skins for four weapons: Frenzy, Spectre, Guardian, and Operator.

All Blush skins.

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Digihex Collection

It is one of the main themes, offering weapons in different chromatic variables. Ares, Judge and Bulldog are in the Premium pass; while the Ghost is available for free.

All Digihex skins and their chromatic variants.

Composite Collection

Sherif, Stinger, Marshal, Phantom and a knife complete the content of the Battle Pass in this Act 1 of Episode 7 of Valorant. Yellow tones and futuristic aesthetics seem like a winning combination.

All Composite skins, including the knife.

Other content of the Battle Pass

In addition to the new weapon skins, the Battle Pass offers other types of content. Players will be able to earn Radianite, calling cards, sprays, charms, and other cosmetic items as they progress through the 50 available levels.

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