Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy – What To Expect in Season 2

2 months ago By AI Smith

Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy fans can rejoice as the highly anticipated second season of the anime is set to premiere in January 2024. Following the release of the final episode of the first season, an announcement was made about the continuation of the series. However, fans were left eagerly awaiting more details until July 13, 2023, when the official trailer was finally unveiled.

Originally adapted from the Japanese light novel series titled “Journey in an Alternate World Guided by the Moon” written by Kei Azumi, Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy captivated viewers with its debut season from July to September 2021. The series also spawned a manga adaptation, which has been serialized online on AlphaPolis’ manga website since 2015.

Animation Studio Change: C2C to J.C. Staff

While the first season was animated by C2C, a relatively new studio known for its work on light novels and original anime series, the reins have been handed over to J.C. Staff for the upcoming second season. J.C. Staff is a renowned animation studio that has produced notable series such as Food Wars and Eden’s Zero. The change in studios has left fans curious about what lies ahead, especially considering J.C. Staff’s mixed reception to the sequel of One Punch Man. Nonetheless, the trailer for Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy season 2 shows promise, featuring the same talented voice actors and impressive animation.

Season 2: New Chapters Unveiled

The second season will delve into the storyline from chapter 39 of the manga, continuing the adventures of the main character, Makoto Misumi. Fans can anticipate an extended duration of two consecutive arcs, promising an even more captivating and immersive experience.

Recap of Season 1: A Hero’s Journey

In the first season, viewers followed the journey of Makoto Misumi, an ordinary high school student who is unexpectedly transported to another world to become its hero. However, his arrival is met with disappointment when the Goddess of that world deems him unworthy of the title due to his appearance, promptly stripping him of his heroic status. Left stranded in this new realm, Makoto encounters various fantastical creatures such as dragons, spiders, orcs, and more. Armed with newfound magical powers and survival skills, the banished hero strives to harness his abilities and use them to protect and improve the world he now calls home, despite being forsaken by the gods.

Looking Ahead to an Exciting Second Season

With Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy season 2 set to premiere on January 2024, fans can’t help but share their thoughts on the animation studio change and their expectations for the upcoming season. Be sure to leave your comments below and join in the anticipation for this thrilling fantasy adventure.

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