PUBG Mobile 2.8 Zombie Mode Soon To Be Out Date, Game Size, How To Play

2 months ago By Ronny Walker

PUBG Mobile, one of the most popular battle royale games, is all set to launch its highly anticipated 2.8 update. Excitingly, this update is bringing a brand new zombie mode to the game. After a period of friendly fragmentation, the beta version of PUBG Mobile has finally revealed this thrilling addition to the game. In this article, we will delve into all the details about PUBG Mobile 2.8 Zombie Mode, including its release date, game size, and how to play.

Zombie Mode in PUBG Mobile: An Overview

The Zombie Mode in PUBG Mobile is a thrilling game mode where players face off against hordes of zombies. By defeating these undead adversaries, players can earn valuable loot and rewards. While this may not be the first time PUBG Mobile has introduced a zombie mode, it continues to be a fan favourite. In the past, various zombie-themed modes, such as Zombie Apocalypse and Zombie Survival, have provided players with adrenaline-pumping experiences.

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PUBG Mobile 2.8 Update Highlights

The upcoming PUBG Mobile 2.8 update promises a plethora of new features and changes that are sure to excite players. One noteworthy addition is the Friendly Fragmentation update, where teammates will no longer take damage from friendly grenades. However, players need to be cautious, as they can still take damage if they are too close to the grenade’s explosion.

Surviving the Zombie Onslaught

The main attraction of the 2.8 update is, of course, the zombie mode. Players will be thrown into intense battles against waves of zombies, and their primary objective is to defeat these undead foes while avoiding their deadly attacks. This mode promises to test players’ survival skills and teamwork as they strive to emerge victorious against the zombie horde.

Dragon Ball Super Collaboration

Adding to the excitement, PUBG Mobile is currently collaborating with the popular Dragon Ball Super anime series. A new Dragon Ball Super-themed mode is available to play, where players can gather all seven Dragon Balls, summon Shenron, and make a powerful wish. This unique standalone mode features a 1.6-kilometer map, and players have the opportunity to take on the roles of beloved Dragon Ball characters.

Release Date and Testing

It’s important to note that while all of these exciting features have been revealed through the beta version of the game, not all details have been officially confirmed. The zombie mode is currently in the testing phase, and players can expect PUBG Mobile to announce the official release date for the 2.8 update and the zombie mode soon.

PUBG Mobile enthusiasts have much to look forward to with the impending 2.8 update. The introduction of the Zombie Mode, along with the Friendly Fragmentation update and the Dragon Ball Super collaboration, is set to bring a new level of excitement to the game. Players should stay tuned for official announcements regarding the release date and prepare to face the undead in this thrilling new mode.

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