Overwatch 2 Genesis Animated Series: All Seasons, How & Where To Watch In USA, Europe & India

8 months ago By AI Smith

With its engaging characters and exhilarating gameplay, Overwatch 2 has won over fans all around the world. The demand for a TV show that explores the wide range of game lore has been growing for years. 

With the launch of Overwatch 2 Genesis, an animated miniseries that would supposedly dig into the universe of the game, Blizzard Entertainment has now addressed the demand. 

Check complete details about the Overwatch 2 Genesis Animated Mini-Series, including release dates, episode runtimes, and where you can watch it.

Overwatch 2 Genesis: An Exploration of Lore

For Overwatch 2, Genesis symbolises a huge turning point since it goes further than ever before into the lore. The Overwatch universe will be explored in greater detail in this miniseries than in the game’s earlier animated shorts. Fans are looking forward to what is coming after the teaser was already made public.

The Three Parts of Overwatch 2 Genesis

Dawn, Innocence, and Rebirth are the three parts that make up the mini-series. They work as an introduction to the Omnic Crisis by highlighting a period of peace, the terrible turn that events took, and the heroes that emerged to face the crisis.

  • Overwatch 2 Genesis – Part One: Dawn
  • Overwatch 2 Genesis – Part Two: Innocence
  • Overwatch 2 Genesis – Part Three: Rebirth

Overwatch 2 Genesis: Release Dates

Fans can anticipate the release of each episode on Thursdays throughout July 2023. Each episode boasts a runtime of over five minutes, ensuring ample content to satisfy the audience’s craving for more Overwatch lore.

Part One: Dawn – July 6th | 05:13 Minutes

Part Two: Innocence – July 13th | 06:34 Minutes

Part Three: Rebirth – July 20th | 06:58 Minutes

Overwatch 2 Genesis Animated Series: Where to watch in USA, Europe & India

All three parts of Overwatch 2 Genesis will be available on the official YouTube channel of Overwatch 2. The series will premiere live, providing an exciting communal experience for fans worldwide. Subsequently, the episodes will be accessible as regular videos for everyone to enjoy at their convenience.

Part One: Dawn (Available)

Part Two: Innocence

Part Three: Rebirth 

Overwatch 2 Genesis Animated Series: What to Expect?

The teaser for Overwatch 2 Genesis has already offered glimpses of beloved heroes such as Echo, Reaper, Reinhardt, Bastion, Ana, and Torbjörn. Additionally, a mysterious Omnic atop a snow-covered mountain, resembling Nepal, has piqued curiosity among fans. 

Could this be an early chapter in the Zenyatta-Ramattra lore or a sneak peek at an upcoming hero? As the series unfolds, more secrets of Overwatch’s universe will be revealed, leaving fans eagerly anticipating each new episode of Genesis.

Overwatch 2 Genesis holds great promise for fans craving a deeper understanding of the game’s lore. The mini-series, divided into three captivating parts, will take viewers on a journey through the origins of the Overwatch universe. 

With release dates set for July 2023 and the series available on the official Overwatch 2 YouTube channel, fans can look forward to immersing themselves in the vibrant world of Overwatch and discovering the untold stories that shape its heroes and conflicts.

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