One Piece: 3 Reasons Why Didn’t The Roger Pirates Help Oden?

4 months ago By Ronny Walker

Written by Eiichiro Oda, One Piece surprised us with the introduction of Oden and his wacky adventures in the Wano arc. This epic series has been maintained with the manga reveals, leaked chapters and other fantastic twists. The series also had a recent collaboration with Mori Calliope and even the anime will be released in theaters.

But even with everything going on in the series, the viewers can take some time to think about one of the most interesting questions in Wano. Why didn’t Oden get help from his pirate friends? Here we will explore the possible reasons.

One Piece: How Close Was Oden To The Roger Pirates?

Oden temporarily became a member of the Roger Pirates at age 17. He left the Whitebeard Pirates, one of the strongest crews in history, to accompany Gol D. Roger and his companions in the last stage of his life for five long years. But just because their friendship was temporary and briefly doesn’t mean Oden was just a guest. Oden accompanied the Pirate King on some of his most significant adventures, including the search for the Road Poneglyph that took them from the depths of the sea to the clouds.

In fact, by the time the Roger Pirates reached the last island they named Laugh Tale, Oden had become just another member of the crew. It can even be affirmed that they considered him one more brother of the family. This can be seen when Oden returned to Wano and his companions fired him without being able to contain their tears. During the long voyage, Oden proved that he would face any danger alongside the Pirate King’s crew. And seeing how the camaraderie between “nakamas” is, there is no doubt that her former classmates would have done the same. That brings us to a question as interesting as One Piece: Why didn’t the Roger Pirates get together to help Oden take on Kaido? Next, we will review some possibilities.

They retired after finding the One Piece

One of the possibilities why no member of the Roger Pirates showed up to help Oden against Kaido is that they were not interested after having found the One Piece. Although there is no confirmation as to what this treasure contains, it may have been enough of a reward to drain the crew members of their will to fight. Each one had their life plans after returning home, and it is possible that they acted as “real pirates”. However, this would go against the behaviour the crew has had from the get-go. Especially considering that some of the members are known to always help others, like Shanks and Reighley.

Kaido was too strong

There is no doubt that he is one of the most powerful pirates in One Piece. Feared by marauders and marines alike, the name of the beast pirate could put off even big-name pirates. Not even Oden, who fought at the highest level, could stop his evil plans.

The Roger Pirates had disintegrated, and they all decided to go their separate ways over the years. Without the renowned Gol D. Roger to unify the crew, it would have been difficult to assemble the men to challenge Kaido. The problem with this theory is that with the help of a few, it might have been enough. Only Reighley would have been able to turn the tables against Kaido with the help of Oden. After all, Reighley was able to hold off Admiral Kizaru even after getting old. He was indeed Roger’s right-hand man, but it is estimated that several of his Nakama fought at a close level. Therefore, it is unlikely that these intrepid pirates who had already seen it all and outsmarted the hero Monkey D. Garp, were afraid of Kaido.

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What happens in Wano stays in Wano

This is probably the main reason why no one helped Oden in his fight against the powerful Kaido. The evil pirate beast took it upon himself to shut down Wano’s poor communication with the outside world to form his weapons industry. Wano is known in One Piece for being a nation of closed doors. The difficult access to the territory and Kaido’s control of the media and the surrounding area made even sending a telegram impossible. Added to this, Oden was overconfident and proud. He not only believed that he could solve everything without help, but he believed in the words of a group of villains nothing like his previous pirate brothers.

Also, everything that happened in Wano was kept secret from the world in complicity with the Navy. They would rather have Kaido occupying that area than any other delinquent they didn’t know. So contacting the outside was practically impossible, which explains why he didn’t receive any help from Whitebeard’s pirates either.

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