Olympics Esports Full Review: All Winners, Prize Money, Top Nations And More

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The Olympic Esports Series made its debut with the aim of bridging the gap between traditional sports and their esports counterparts. 

With the series held from June 23 to 25 in Singapore, players from around the world gathered to compete in a range of video game titles, each associated with a traditional Olympic discipline. For example, Just Dance was linked to dancing, Zwift to cycling, and to chess.

Alongside the main tournament, three show matches featuring popular esports titles were held: Rocket League, Street Fighter 6, and NBA 2K23. Although these matches were not part of the official competition, they provided additional entertainment for spectators.

Unlike traditional Olympic events, the players and teams in the tournament did not represent their respective countries. Check complete details on Olympics Esports, all winners, prize money, top nations and more. 

Olympic Esports Games List 

  • Zwift
  • Tic Tac Bow
  • Virtual Regatta
  • Just Dance
  • Tennis Clash
  • Fortnite
  • Gran Turismo
  • Virtual Taekwondo

Olympic Esports Series 2023 – Match-wise Winner List 

Here is the winner list for the Olympic Esports Series 2023 matches:

23 June:

Cycling (Zwift):

1st Place – Team Fuego: Marlene Bjärehed (SWE), Lou Bates (GBR), James Barnes (RSA), Martin Maertens (GER)

2nd Place – Team Epic: Charlotte Colclough (GBR), Jacquie Godbe (USA), Michal Kamiński (POL), Ben Hill (AUS)

3rd Place – Team Lava: Lam Kong (HKG), Alice Lethbridge (GBR), Lionel Vujasin (BEL), Teppo Laurio (FIN)

4th Place – Team Titans: Lisa Hermansson (SWE), Vicki Whitelaw (AUS), Zach Neh (USA), Kjell Power (BEL)

Archery (Tic Tac Bow):

1st Place – Jared “MontyDey” Montgomery

2nd Place – David “dchan” Chan

3rd Place – Takebayashi “ZouSenpai” Kyosuke

Sailing (Virtual Regatta):

1st Place – Tim Carpentier

2nd Place – Cavan Fyans

3rd Place – Francisco Melo

Dance (Just Dance):

1st Place – Amandine Morisset

2nd Place – Joseph Cordero

3rd Place – Antonio Pomilia

24 June:


1st Place – Team SHORA

2nd Place – Team TAIJYU

3rd Place – Team CMWANG

Chess (

1st Place – Aleksei Sarana

2nd Place – Maksim Chigaev

3rd Place – Son Nguyen

Tennis (Tennis Clash):

1st Place – Anass “Anteo” Benghazi

2nd Place – He “Kafe” Shenghao

3rd Place – William “Fozzy” Foster

Shooting (ISSF Challenge featuring Fortnite):

1st Place – Lucas “Anon” Malissa

2nd Place – Alexander “Boltz” Feyzjou

3rd Place – Andrejs “Merstach” Piratovs

25 June:

Motor Sport (Gran Turismo):

1st Place – Kylian Drumont

2nd Place – Will Murdoch

3rd Place – Ángel Inostroza

Taekwondo (Virtual Taekwondo):

1st Place – Nigel Tan

2nd Place – Natalie Tor

3rd Place – Wu Jingyu

Olympic Esports Series 2023 – Prize Money 

The prize pool for this Olympic Esports gradually increased over the years, starting at $200,000 and reaching $612,000 at one point. The WCG was considered a significant esports event during the 2000s, but it was The International that truly revolutionized esports prize pools. The first edition of The International offered a staggering $1.6 million, with $1 million going to the winning team. 

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