LoL Split 1 Season 13 Ending Date: Ranking System, Individual Splits And More 

2 months ago By Randell Jhonson

League of Legends players around the world are in the midst of Season 13, a highly anticipated chapter in the game’s competitive journey. This season, Riot Games has introduced major changes to the ranked system, dividing the entire season into two different splits. 

With the introduction of a divided ranked season, the end of Split 1 Season 13 is quickly approaching. Riot Games announced the confirmed date for the end of Split 1, along with the commencement of Split 2. 

As Split 1 of Season 13 rapidly approaches its ending, players are eager to know the ending date, the changes in the ranking system, and what lies ahead in the upcoming individual splits.

In this article, know the details of Split 1’s ending, explore the key features of the new ranking system, and shed light on the individual splits that players will encounter in Season 13. By understanding these crucial aspects, players can better navigate the competitive landscape and strive for success in their ranked endeavours.

LoL Split 1 Season 13 Ending Date

Here’s what you need to know:

Split 1 End Date:

Get ready to wrap up the first split of Season 13 as it comes to an end on Monday, July 17, at 23:59 CET. It’s crucial for players to make their final push to achieve their desired ranks before the deadline.

Split 2 Start Date:

Just a couple of days after Split 1 concludes, the second split of Season 13 will commence on July 19 at 12:00 CET. This marks the beginning of another opportunity for players to climb the ranks and prove their skills in a solo queue once again.

League of Legends: Ranked System Changes

Riot Games is constantly working to improve the ranked experience for League of Legends players. In Season 13, they implemented several changes to the ranked system:

1. Introduction of Emerald Division:

To enhance the distribution of players across different skill levels, Riot has added a new division called Emerald for the second split of 2023. Positioned between platinum and diamond, the Emerald division aims to better reflect the range of skill levels within the player base.

2. Removal of Promotional Series:

In a significant shift, Riot has decided to eliminate promos, where players previously had to win a series of games to advance to the next rank. With the removal of promos, climbing the ranks becomes easier and more straightforward, allowing players to progress with consistent performance.

3. Reduced Placement Games:

At the beginning of the second split, players will only need to play five ranked placement games, as opposed to the usual ten. This change accelerates the process of establishing an initial rank and enables players to jump into competitive play more quickly.

Riot’s Motivation Behind the Split System

Riot Games introduced the split system to incentivize greater activity in solo queues and discourage inactivity among players. The mid-season reset offers additional rewards and encourages players to participate in both splits. By pushing through both splits, players can earn more Hextech chests, and keys, and even receive two Victorious skins instead of one, which were traditionally awarded to players who reached gold Elo.

With the upcoming conclusion of Split 1 in less than 100 days, League of Legends players are urged to capitalize on the remaining time to achieve their desired ranks. The free Victorious skins and other rewards await those who demonstrate dedication and skill on the Summoner’s Rift. So, gear up and embrace the challenge of the ranked ladder in Season 13 to secure your place among the top players.

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