League Of Legends Worlds 2023 Play-Ins Standings, Points Table, Results Till 13th October 2023

1 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

The largest esport in the world, League of Legends, is contested internationally through a number of regional competitions that lead up to the League of Legends World Championship each year. Over 100 million unique people watched the 2019 competition, with 44 million watching concurrently during the finals. Both domestic and international events have been aired on cable television’s sports channel ESPN as well as livestreaming services like Twitch, YouTube, and Bilibili.

A character known as the “champion” in League of Legends is controlled by the player from an isometric perspective and equipped with a variety of special powers. There will be more than 160 champions to choose from in 2023. Champions level up throughout a match by gaining experience points (XP) from defeating opponents. Champion strength-boosting items are purchased with gold, which players gain both actively by killing the enemy team’s defensive buildings and minions as well as passively over time. When a player’s champion is within their team’s base, they may purchase things through a shop menu in the primary game mode, Summoner’s Rift. Levels and goods do not carry over from one match to the next; each match is distinct.

Summoner’s Rift is League of Legends’ main game mode and the most prevalent in professional-level competition. A ranked competitive ladder exists in the mode; a matchmaking algorithm evaluates a player’s skill level and creates a starting rank from which they can rise. There are nine tiers, with Iron, Bronze, and Silver being the least proficient and Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger being the most skilled.

Riot Games redesigned the game’s fictional setting in September 2014, eliminating summoners from the game’s narrative to avoid “creative stagnation”. According to Luke Plunkett of Kotaku, while the change might annoy long-term fans, it was essential as the game’s player base expanded in size. Riot recruited Warhammer writer Graham McNeill shortly after the relaunch. Riot’s storytellers and artists generate flavour text, which adds “richness” to the game, but very little of it is visible during normal gameplay. That work, instead, serves as a basis for the franchise’s extension into other media, such as comic books and spin-off video games. The Fields of Justice have been replaced with a new fictitious location, Runeterra. The setting incorporates aspects from several genres, ranging from Lovecraftian horror to typical sword and sorcery fantasy.

League of Legends World Competition, 2023

The Worlds 2023 Play-In Stage will take place in Seoul, and the finest League of Legends teams will face off in best-of-three and then best-of-five matches. The World Championship this year, which is being held at Seoul, South Korea’s LoL Park, is entering its first phase.

Worlds 2023 has confirmed its 22 competitors as Team BDS swiftly swept Golden Guardians in the Worlds Qualifying Series. The LEC #4 seed has joined the other seven teams who will compete in the play-in round.

They will compete for the remaining two berths in the Main Event Swiss stage over the course of six days. There will be multiple best-of-three matchups in the following days, with the teams grouped into two groups of four. The best four teams will fight in two Bo5 qualifying matches. The champions of those series will compete among the top 16 in Switzerland.

Who will triumph and move on to the tournament’s next round, the Swiss Stage?

If you missed Worlds or the play-in stage, here’s all you need to know to rapidly catch up on the results before the following game.


The Worlds 2023 play-in round began on October 10 and will last for five days, ending on October 15. Below is the complete schedule of matches, with daily updates to the results and eliminations. All times are provided in Central European Time (CET), however they may vary according to how the series plays out.


Tuesday, 10th of October |

09:00 CET | LOUD 2-0 GAM Esports |

12:00 CET | Movistar R7 0-2 PSG Talon |

Wednesday, 11th of October |

09:00 CET | Team BDS 1-2 Team Whales |

12:00 CET | DetonatioN FM 0-2 CTBC Flying Oyster |

Friday, 13th of October |

09:00 CET | BDS vs. DFM |

12:00 CET | GAM Esports vs. Movistar R7 |


Thursday, 12th of October |

09:00 CET | LOUD 0 – 2 PSG Talon |

12:00 CET | TW vs. CFO |

Saturday, 14th of October |

09:00 CET | TBD vs. LOUD |

12:00 CET | TBD vs. TBD |


Sunday, 15th of October |

05:00 CET | PSG vs TBD |

10:00 CET | TBD vs. TBD |


  • DetonatioN FocusMe – LJL #1 seed
  • GAM Esports – VCS #1 seed
  • Team Whales – VCS #2 seed
  • PSG Talon – PCS #1 seed
  • CTBC Flying Oyster – PCS #2 seed
  • LOUD – CBLOL #1 seed
  • Movistar R7 – LLA #1 seed
  • Team BDS – LEC #4 seed (qualified through the Worlds Qualifying Series)

Where can I watch the Worlds 2023 Play-In Stage?

Live coverage is available on YouTube, Twitch, and the official LoL Esports channel. If you wish to receive rewards, we prefer the latter (remember to check in with your Riot Games account to do so). Twitch and YouTube are both excellent sites for communicating with other people.

If you wish to view the games in a language other than English, Leaguepedia has a list of alternative broadcasters. The games are aired in a variety of languages, including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Korean, and others.

Stay tuned with us to make sure you catch every development in the ongoing competition!

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