League Of Legends Season 13 Split 2: Release Date, Time, Ranking System And More

2 months ago By Randell Jhonson

Time flies when you’re having fun, and League of Legends players find themselves at the midway point of the year already. It feels like celebrating New Year’s was just yesterday, and the start of Season 13 of League of Legends seemed like it was only moments ago. 

Nevertheless, it’s time for players to shift their focus to the highly anticipated LoL second split of Season 13. In this article, we will delve into the release date, start time, and exciting changes that await players in this new phase of the ranked season.

The Ranked Split System

Before we dive into the specifics of Season 13 Split 2, let’s quickly recap the ranked split system in League of Legends. The ranked season is divided into distinct phases called “splits,” each lasting several months. During a split, players participate in ranked matches to improve their ranking and earn rewards. At the end of each split, players are rewarded based on their performance, and this system allows for updates and changes to the game.

What to Expect in Season 13 Split 2?

The second split of Season 13 promises to bring some exciting changes to the League of Legends ranked mode, with adjustments aimed at enhancing the overall player experience.

Introduction of a New Rank: Emerald

One of the most significant changes coming in Season 13 Split 2 is the introduction of a new rank called “Emerald.” This new rank will be placed between the current Platinum and Diamond ranks. The decision to add this rank was made with the goal of addressing the bottom-heavy rank distribution in League of Legends.

According to Riot Revenancer, Systems Lead for the Motivations initiative, the ideal rank distribution should center around Gold, with Bronze and Silver representing below-average/average players and Gold and Platinum accommodating above-average players. However, the current distribution isn’t even, with Silver being overpopulated. The introduction of the Emerald rank is expected to help balance the ranks and ensure players are placed more accurately based on their skill level.

Less Placement Games

For many players, the start of each ranked season can be a daunting process, requiring them to play ten placement games to determine their initial rank for the season. In Season 13 Split 2, Riot has decided to lessen the burden by reducing the number of placement games from 10 to 5. This change was made with the mid-season reset in mind, providing players with a more streamlined experience as they begin the second split.

No More Promotion Games

One of the most welcome changes in Season 13 Split 2 is the removal of the promotion series in League of Legends. In the past, players would have to go through a nerve-wracking three-game series and win at least two of them to rank up. This system often led to frustration, especially when players felt they were held back by factors beyond their control, such as uncooperative teammates.

With promotion series no longer a requirement, players can now achieve their desired ranks without the added stress of promotion matches. This change is likely to be met with widespread approval and is expected to create a more positive and rewarding ranked experience for all players.

Release Date and Start Time

Season 13 Split 2 is fast approaching! The first split concluded on July 18, 2023, across all regions. The second split will kick off one to three days after that date, depending on your specific region. Players can expect the exact start time to be at 13:00 CEST.

League of Legends Season 13 Split 2 brings a wave of exciting changes that will enhance the ranked experience for players. The introduction of the Emerald rank aims to create a more balanced distribution of players across the ranks, while the reduction of placement games and the removal of promotion series will alleviate stress and make climbing the ranks a smoother journey.

Now that you are informed about the upcoming changes, you are ready to dive into Season 13 Split 2 and set your sights on climbing the ladder in League of Legends. Best of luck on your journey to victory! The second split is bound to be full of action, fierce competition, and rewarding gameplay. Enjoy the ride!

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