League of Legends Error Code List July 2023: How To Fix It, Guide, Steps & Process

10 months ago By AI Smith

League of Legends is a popular game that can run on various gaming machines, from old to new. While the game reaches millions of players, it also comes with its fair share of errors. However, troubleshooting these errors is not as daunting as it may seem. Here is a list of common League of Legends error codes and their solutions:

The “Name Currently Unavailable” Error:

Reason: This error occurs when players try to create an account on the PBE client.

Solution: It is a server-related issue that only Riot Games can fix. Players are advised to wait for a resolution.

Error Code 0U:

Reason: This error appears on the PBE client, causing display and shutdown issues.

Solution: Run the Hextech Repair Tool and try launching the game. If that doesn’t work, add League of Legends as a Firewall exception and repatch the game. Reinstalling the game through the Hextech Repair Tool can be a last resort.

League Error Code 004:

Reason: This error occurs when the client fails to patch the game.

Solution: Check your internet connection and ensure you have enough disk space for the update.

Error 7:

Reason: This error indicates overloaded servers, leading to disconnections.

Solution: Keep trying to log in, and follow League of Legends’ Twitter account for updates.

League Error 1B:

Reason: The 1B error is often related to ISP problems, preventing players from logging in.

Solution: Try running the League client in administrative mode or repairing the client.

Under Maintenance Error:

Reason: This error affects Linux users, preventing the client from receiving updates.

Solution: Repair the client or delete specific files before retrying.

Unexpected Error With Login Session:

Reason: This error occurs when another instance of the client runs in the background.

Solution: Use the task manager to end all League-related tasks or initiate a client repair.

Error: 0xc0000005:

Reason: This error blocks access to the client, preventing players from logging in.

Solution: Run the client in administrator mode or reinstall the game after deleting related files.

A Critical Error Has Occurred:

Reason: This error is caused by programs with overlay options, hindering logins.

Solution: Close programs with overlays (e.g., Steam, Origin, Discord) and delete specific League folders.

Unexpected Login Error:

Reason: This error often occurs due to a shaky internet connection, affecting downloads and logins.

Solution: Reset your router, change DNS settings, or contact your ISP for assistance.

Unknown DirectX Error:

Reason: This error appears during graphical instabilities, preventing the client from launching.

Solution: Update graphics drivers or delete the game.cfg file.

League Error Code 002:

Reason: Similar to Error Code 004, this error disrupts the patching process and login.

Solution: Check available storage space or disable antivirus software.

“d3dx9_43.dll is Missing” Error:

Reason: This error occurs in new PCs, preventing players from starting a match.

Solution: Install available Windows updates or manually install the missing file using DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer.

BugSplat and Generic League Crashes

  • These crashes can occur due to overheating, corrupted game files, hardware issues, or outdated drivers.
  • Report BugSplat crashes to contribute to the game’s development and follow any recommended troubleshooting steps.

Remember to restart your PC and close all running processes before attempting any solutions. By following these steps, you can address common League of Legends errors and enjoy a smoother gaming experience.

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