How To Watch One Piece Episode 0 On Youtube, Link & Download Size?

1 months ago By AI Smith

One Piece fans, get ready to dive deep into the captivating world of Monkey D. Luffy’s adventure. The highly anticipated One Piece Episode 0 is making its way to YouTube, and fans are in for a treat. This special episode, based on Chapter 0 and set two decades before Luffy’s journey began, promises to reveal some intriguing secrets of the Great Piracy Era. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to watch One Piece Episode 0 on YouTube, provide you with the essential links, and discuss the download size for those who want to keep a piece of this treasure for themselves.

The Journey to the Great Piracy Era

One Piece Episode 0 brings to life the events leading to the Great Piracy Era, focusing on the clash between the legendary Gol D. Roger and the formidable “Golden Lion” Shiki. This epic showdown takes us back to a time when Roger and his crew encountered Shiki’s massive armada.

Shiki extended an invitation to Roger, suggesting they join forces, but Roger refused. This refusal led to an intense battle between the two crews, a battle now known as the Battle of Edd War. The Roger Pirates emerged victorious, marking a significant moment in One Piece history.

Following their journey to Laugh Tale and the discovery of the One Piece treasure, the Roger Pirates disbanded. Roger, knowing his time was limited, surrendered to the Marines, and his execution was set to take place in Rogue Town, situated in the East Blue.

In the midst of these events, the powerful Marine, Monkey D. Garp, alongside Sengoku, confronted and defeated the furious Shiki, who had attacked Marineford. A week later, Roger met his end, but not without revealing a tantalizing secret – the location of the One Piece treasure. This revelation ignited a frenzy, with countless individuals setting sail in pursuit of this elusive prize, heralding the start of the Great Piracy Era.

A Glimpse of the Future

One Piece Episode 0 also offers a glimpse into the lives of key characters who would play pivotal roles in the series’ future. In Rogue Town, where Roger is to be executed, we witness the presence of promising figures such as Monkey D. Dragon, Dracule Mihawk, Shanks, Buggy, Smoker, Donquixote Doflamingo, and Gecko Moria, each with their unique reactions and appearances.

As Roger’s final moments approach, other characters from various parts of the world are revealed. For instance, Portgas D. Rouge eagerly awaits the birth of her son, Portgas D. Ace, in Baterilla. On Little Garden, Dorry and Brogy continue their epic duel, while the CP9 agents train diligently in Guanhao.

In Amazon Lily, Boa Hancock imparts her belief that only the strongest can become pirates, a belief that would shape her character throughout the series. Other notable characters, including Nefertari Cobra, Oimo, Kashii, Tonjit, Mont Blanc Cricket, and Duval, make appearances, weaving a complex tapestry of stories across the One Piece world.

Shiki’s Return and a Pirate’s Resolve

Two years later, the formidable “Golden Lion” Shiki, who had been imprisoned in Impel Down after his defeat by Garp and Sengoku, makes a daring escape. To free himself, Shiki goes to great lengths, even cutting off his own legs, which he replaces with two formidable swords, Oto and Kogarashi.

One Piece Episode 0 showcases various characters as their journeys unfold. Garp visits a young Ace on Dawn Island, while Koushirou in Shimotsuki Village hopes for a successor but ends up with his daughter, Kuina. Shanks explores Syrup Village while Merry sets out to design a ship.

A tapestry of familiar faces such as Bell-mère, Zeff, Kureha, Hiriluk, Dalton, Nico Robin, Gaimon, Tom, Crocus, Laboon, Brook, Hatchan, and Silvers Rayleigh is unveiled. Meanwhile, on the Moby Dick, Whitebeard’s ship, Shiki extends an invitation to join him, but Whitebeard resolutely declines.

Shiki’s meeting with his second-in-command, Dr. Indigo, on the Grand Line island of Merveille hints at a grand plan that will unfold over the next two decades. With unwavering determination, Shiki vows to show the world what a true pirate is.


The release of One Piece Episode 0 on YouTube offers fans an exciting opportunity to delve into the history of this iconic series. It brings to life the events leading to the Great Piracy Era and offers glimpses into the lives of beloved characters. With the anticipation of a live-action adaptation and upcoming animations, the One Piece franchise continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

So, don’t miss out on this remarkable addition to the One Piece saga. Be sure to stay updated on the latest developments in the world of One Piece, including the manga, anime, and the intriguing secrets unveiled in Episode 0.

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