How To Create Breed Camels In Minecraft?

2 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

The desert biome in Minecraft had been lonely for years. However, recently the desert got camels in Minecraft. These cute desert creatures are tall, and can be used in a number of ways. But what brings challenge is that these are difficult to find in the desert. Thus, if you want to make a group of them, you will have to sweat it out. 

Minecraft 1.20 allows you to breed camels and thus create a bunch of them. Here’s everything you need to know about camels in Minecraft 1.20:

What are Camels in Minecraft

Camels in Minecraft are passive mobs that only spawn in the overworld desert biome of the overworld. Just like horses, donkeys, and mules, camels are rideable. They can even ride two players at a time. However, if you don’t want to ride these camels, there are still one of the worthy additions to have. 

Where to find camels in Minecraft?

Just like the real world, camels only found spawning in and around desert villages in Minecraft. They are domesticated, hence they won’t be found in deserts that doesn’t have a village. Thus it can be a bit challenging to find camels. 

Players can use Minecraft village seeds to find camels quickly. Once you find one, make sure to trap it in blocks and go find another one. You can also tie it down using lead to a fence. Using cactus, you can make camels  follow you to the desired spot.

How to Breed Camels in Minecraft?

Remember that you need two camels to breed. Here are the easy steps to breed camels in Minecraft:

  1. Firstly, find two camels and place them next to each other. Usually, camels don’t wander off. However, you may create a fence or use lead to tie the two camels down as a precaution.
  2. Next, feed one piece of cactus to each of the camels. This can be done by right-clicking or using the secondary action key on them. When they feed, hearts will pop up over their heads. Once done, both of them will walk towards each other, and within a few seconds a baby camel will spawn.
  3. After the baby camel appears, remember that the parent camels will not be able to breed for almost 10 minutes. At the same time, the baby camel takes around 25-30 minutes to grow into an adult. Once it grows, you can use it for breeding as well.
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