GTA Online Updates & Improvements for June 2023: Key Updates & Features

8 months ago By AI Smith

Taking advantage of the explosive new GTA Online update coming out next week, featuring new missions, new vehicles, new events and much more. We have continued to improve the gaming experience with a series of changes and improvements for all platforms.

Here’s a list of the changes introduced by GTA Updates on San Andreas Mercenaries, arriving June 13th:

Vehicle Update

    It is now possible to redeem all destroyed vehicles at once when you call Mors Mutual Insurance.

    Mors Mutual will no longer charge to recover personal vehicles destroyed during contact missions.

    Customizable descriptions for garages so you can more easily locate your favourite cars when you call the mechanic.

    Cars can now be selected from individual floors of the Eclipse Blvd garage.

    Pressing the right d-pad activates the stealth mode of the new F-160 Raiju aircraft. Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) will switch to the L3/LS keys. Holding L3/LS while flying a VTOL aircraft will toggle vertical takeoff/landing mode on/off.

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    You can now re-request delivery of an active Mobile Operations Center, Avenger, or Terrorbyte near your location via the Interaction menu.

    Additional filters have been added for selecting races via the Activity menu.

    Willard Eudora and Classique Broadway can be used for taxi duties if using taxi liveries.

    Lesser used vehicles have been removed from in-game sites to improve the browsing experience but will be able to be obtained through auto show events, as lucky wheel prizes, and in other ways.

Gameplay update

    The new Become Boss option is available in the Interaction menu, which includes the Securoserv network and motorcycle clubs.

    There is now a Buy All option for Ammu-Nation’s Body Armor department. The rank requirements for the latter have been removed.

    Body armour will reset after a quick restart of a mission, equalizing the situation before entering the waiting room.

    When equipping a body armour via the weapon wheel, the type used will depend on the amount of damage the player takes.

    The player will no longer receive calls from Tom Connors or English Dave while parachuting or free-falling.

    Martin Madrazo’s Assassination missions can now also be played solo.

    An alternate command for sprinting is now available in the Settings menu (Hold to sprint).

    Players can choose a name for their acid (through the Interaction menu) to receive a 5% bonus on sales.

    The rank requirements for daily objectives have been removed to allow more players to participate.

Balance Changes

    The payouts for many collectables and events, such as buried loot and chests, have been increased. We’ve also increased the rewards for Gerald’s Way Out and Super Yacht Life by 25%.

    We’ve rebalanced the weapons on the P-996 Lazer and Mammoth Hydra (Freemode only).

    The Orbital Cannon can no longer be instantly reset or refunded to prevent players from being repeatedly targeted.

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Career progress

Track your criminal activities with Career Progress. This new feature allows you to view your progress as you continue your rise to fame and build your criminal empire. It will be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S via the main menu or the pause menu, making it easier for both new and veteran players to view their achievements.

We’re always in awe of the creativity of the GTA Online community, creating amazing Deathmatches, Races and more that we regularly highlight and add to the community series. To continue cultivating this carnage-oriented creativity typical of Southern San Andreas, we’ve made a few changes to the Rockstar Creator, including:

    Dozens of new accessories are available in all Creators, including giant walls covered with license plates, eCola cans, destructible fences, underwater mines and more.

    Snow has been added as an environmental condition for Deathmatches, Races, and Survivals. Plus, Halloween-themed additions are coming later this year.

    You can now turn the soundtrack on and off.

    It is now possible to assign uniforms to teams to allow them to be recognized.

    Dynamic Squads (players can switch squads upon respawning) and Health Drain (loss of health over time) are now available for Deathmatches. Also added are new icon options in the radar, the ability to lock out time and weather options in the lobby, the ability to indicate the respawn time for items and weapons to collect and more.

    The number of spawn points for enemies in Survivals has increased.

    The Remove Decorations tool will be available in the King of the Hill Creator.

    The maximum number of accessories that can be used on a PC has been raised to 300.

    We will share new information and detailed updates as soon as GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries is released. To find out more, stay tuned on this site.

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