Free Fire Rampage Ring Event Details August 2023, Rewards, Quests, Codes And More

11 months ago By AI Smith

The Free Fire Rampage Ring event is a latest limited-time event that was added to Free Fire on August 12, 2023. The new event features a variety of Rampage-themed outfits as well as rewards that players can collect by spinning the wheel.

To participate in the event, all players have to do is spend diamonds. A single spin will cost 20 diamonds, while a 10+1 spin costs 200 diamonds. Players can also purchase a special Rampage Ring Bundle that contains 50 spins and a guaranteed Mars Warclasher Bundle for 1000 diamonds.

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Free Fire Rampage Ring Event rewards

The rewards that players can get from the Free Fire Rampage Ring event include:

  • Mars Warclasher Bundle
  • Azure Stormbringer Bundle
  • Frost Saberbooth Bundle
  • Plague Phantom Bundle
  • Re-Unity Tokens (1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, and 10x)
  • Sports Car – Ventus
  • Night Scythe
  • Mythos Four Backpack
  • Name Change Card

Re-Unity Tokens are a special currency in the game that can be used to redeem rewards from the event’s Exchange section. Players can also get Re-Unity Tokens by spinning the wheel or by completing quests.

Free Fire Rampage Ring Event quests

The Free Fire rampage ring event will also have the following quests:

  • Play 10 matches
  • Get 10 kills
  • Win 5 matches
  • Top up 50 diamonds
  • Top up 100 diamonds
  • Top up 200 diamonds

On Completion of the quests, players will get the rewards of Re-Unity Tokens, which can then be exchanged to redeem rewards from the Exchange section.

The Exchange section of the Rampage Ring event will have a variety of rewards that players can redeem with Re-Unity Tokens. These rewards include:

  • Mars Warclasher Bundle (400 Re-Unity Tokens)
  • Azure Stormbringer Bundle (250 Re-Unity Tokens)
  • Frost Saberbooth Bundle (200 Re-Unity Tokens)
  • Plague Phantom Bundle (200 Re-Unity Tokens)
  • Nebula Rogue Bundle (150 Re-Unity Tokens)
  • Ventus Rogue Bundle (150 Re-Unity Tokens)
  • Shadow Earthshaker Bundle (150 Re-Unity Tokens)
  • Famine Felon Bundle (150 Re-Unity Tokens)
  • Vermilion Whirlwind Bundle (150 Re-Unity Tokens)
  • Aqua Rogue Bundle (150 Re-Unity Tokens)
  • Sports Car – Ventus (80 Re-Unity Tokens)
  • Night Scythe (60 Re-Unity Tokens)
  • Mythos Four Backpack (40 Re-Unity Tokens)
  • Name Change Card (40 Re-Unity Tokens)

Free Fire’s Rampage Ring event is a great opportunity for players to get their hands on some exclusive Rampage-themed outfits and rewards. Additionally, the event is available for a limited time, so players should play this at the earliest if they want to participate.

Remember to save up your diamonds before the event starts, since then you have more spins and a better chance of getting the rewards you want.

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