Fortnite Fish Collection: Where & How To Get It?

2 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

Fishing has been a part Fortnite since the mechanic was introduced in-game at the start of Chapter 2 Season 1. It has been one of the most interesting things to do. Apart from being relaxing, fishing can give players consumables and even weapons and ammos at times. Fishing is the best option when there is no alternative way to resupply or if areas loot-rich areas are outside safe zones.

Here’s everything you need to know about fishing in Fortnite:

Where To Find Fish In Fortnite?

A lot of fishes in the Fortnite collection can be found anywhere in the game but some of them are found only in specific areas. The following spots should cover all of the fishes available:

Coastal Areas

Believer Beach is ‘the’ location. However, any other coast should also work. Such as the coast surrounding Craggy Cliffs, Steamy Stacks and Dirty Docks. If you want to go to more secluded spots, visit the ones located to west of Believer Beach and Holly Hedges, around the map edges.

Forest Areas

The forest area surrounding Weeping Woods should be where you can find most of these fishes. Any spot located across the river will also count.

Mountainous Areas

The river around Catty Corner and Misty Meadows, and the spots below Catty Corner near the map edges are good spots for fishing. Additionally, the area west of Lazy Lake is also good, but be cautious as it is always swamped with enemies. 

Swamp Areas

The Slurpy Swamp can also be used for fishing. As long as it has brown water, it will count as a swamp.

How to collect fish in Fortnite?

There are two ways of collecting fih in Fortnite:

POIs or Landmarks that have Ice Coolers

The first method does not require any additional item. Simply land in POIs or Landmarks that have Ice Coolers. When you open the ice coolers, a Small Fry will be dropped. Pick up the fry and progress. 

Besides Ice Coolers, you can also search for Coolers. These coolers often drop Floppers, which are decent when it comes to restoring hit-points. They can also be stacked to store for later use. Coolers are more commonly found all across the island compared to ice coolers.

Find a Fishing Rod 

If you want to relax and catch a few fish you can grab a fishing rod and collect fish. First find a Barrel and search it to get a Fishing Rod. Barrels can be found in and around water bodies across the island. The Fishing Rod is of Common rarity, hence it is found in every Barrel.

After picking the fishing rod, find a Fishing Hole. Next, cast the Fishing Rod to catch fish. The process of fishing requires patience and may take a few seconds, but you will surely catch a fish. 

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