Explainer on Naafiri League of Legends: Release Date, All Regions and More

7 months ago By AI Smith

Naafiri, the new champion set to join League of Legends, is an anticipated mid-lane assassin known for her impressive bursts and gap-closing abilities. Interestingly, she may also excel in the jungle, as she can reset her cooldowns on monster hits and utilize her trusty dogs to tank for her. This Darkin character will be the second champion released this year following Milio.

Release Date and Availability

For eager players, Naafiri can already be tested on the PBE (Public Beta Environment). As for her official release, she will become available with the League of Legends 13.14 patch on July 19, 2023. Initially, she will cost 7800 BE (Blue Essence) during the first week, but her price will drop to 6300 BE thereafter.

The release date and time for patch 13.14 in various regions are as follows:

RegionTime ZoneLocal TimeUS Time (PST)
OC1AEDTJuly 19, 12:00July 18, 17:00
JP1JSTJuly 19, 12:00July 18, 19:00
KR1KSTJuly 19, 12:00July 18, 19:00
RUMSKJuly 19, 12:00July 19, 1:00
EUN1CETJuly 19, 12:00July 19, 3:00
TR1GMT+3July 19, 12:00July 19, 1:00
EUW1GMTJuly 19, 12:00July 19, 4:00
BR1GMT-3July 19, 12:00July 19, 7:00
LA2GMT-3July 19, 12:00July 19, 7:00
LA1CSTJuly 19, 12:00July 19, 10:00
NA1PSTJuly 19, 12:00July 19, 12:00
PHPHTJuly 20, 12:00July 19, 20:00
VNGMT+7July 20, 12:00July 19, 21:00
SGGMT+8July 20, 12:00July 19, 20:00
THGMT+7July 20, 12:00July 19, 21:00
TWGMT+8July 20, 12:00July 19, 20:00
CNGMT+8July 21, 17:00July 21, 1:00

Naafiri’s Abilities and Playstyle

Passive: We Are More

Naafiri’s passive ability is called “We Are More.” It summons small dogs at regular intervals of 15 to 30 seconds. Initially, she starts with two dogs, but when she reaches level nine, she gains an additional one. These dogs will rush towards the target she attacks, dealing physical damage that scales up after she uses an ability.

A noteworthy feature is that Naafiri’s dogs can act as tankers for her, making it possible for her to take on jungle creatures or minions. Although they can be killed by these enemies, they receive reduced damage from area-of-effect abilities, minions, and jungle monsters on the Summoner’s Rift.

With her unique skill set and versatility, Naafiri is poised to make an impact in both the mid-lane and the jungle. Players can look forward to experiencing her powerful bursts and agile gameplay when she arrives with the upcoming patch.

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