Dragon Ball Saga: Number of times Goku, Vegeta, Krillin and company died

3 months ago By Ronny Walker

Dragon Ball has its fair share of unforgettable moments. From Goku becoming SSJ to the legendary Spirit Bomb, the work created by Akira Toriyama is industry history. However, we’ve also seen numerous deaths at the hands of the most powerful villains we’ve ever seen in anime.

That is why, so that you do not miss too much with these deaths, we will show you a list of the times that the main characters of Dragon Ball have died. We have not included GT as it is not canon, nor the explosion of the Earth by Frieza in Dragon Ball Super, since they end up going back in time and destiny changes completely.

Gohan – Killed 1 time

Goku’s son only dies once in the entire series. During Little Buu’s Mankind Extermination, Gohan dies only to be reborn minutes later and contribute his Ki to his father’s Genki Dama.

Master Mutenroshi – Killed 2 times

The Master Turtle in his beginnings here in Spain died a total of two times throughout the entire saga. His first kill came from trying to imprison Demon King Piccolo with Mafuba, as he failed to use this technique. The second death comes at the end of the series when Kid Buu uses Mankind Wipe.

Tenshinhan – Killed 2 times

The half-breed first perished in his fight against Nappa, when Nappa cuts off his arm, ultimately leaving all his power in his Kikoho. As with Mutenroshi, Tenshinhan is killed by Kid Buu using Mankind Slayer, albeit only for a few minutes.

Yamcha – Killed 2 times

The first warrior Goku faced was first killed by a Saibaman during the Saiyan Saga. The second, as they have happened in the two previous cases, dies at the hands of Little Buu using The Extermination of Humanity.

Trunks – Killed 2 times

Vegeta’s son dies in both his adult version and his child version. The first comes from Cell, who kills him with her lightning, provoking the fury of the prince of the Saiyans. The second death, as in the previous ones, is caused by Little Buu’s The Extermination of Humanity.

Vegeta – Killed 2 times

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One of the most powerful super warriors in the entire series has not managed to dodge death either. Frieza was the first to kill him, causing Vegeta to plead with Goku to defeat Frieza and create a moment never seen in the series. On the other, as a last attempt to defeat Buu, he sacrifices himself in the middle of the desert by immolating himself, which did not work.

Piccolo – Killed 2 times

Goku’s first great enemy, who later became one of his best friends, also had a very interesting death streak. First, the namekian is killed by Nappa while trying to save Gohan. Finally, Buu’s destruction of Earth results in his third and final death.

Chaoz – Killed 3 times

Tenshinhan’s best friend also met a terrible fate on multiple occasions. During Dragon Ball, Chaoz sacrificed himself to try to defeat Demon King Piccolo, which didn’t work. He then tried to do the same to Nappa, with similar results; to finally die with Buu’s destruction of the earth.

Krillin – Killed 3 times

Last but not least, we have the mythical, the incomparable and the always-deceased Krillin. His first kill came in Dragon Ball, at the hands of Tambourine, while his second kill came from Frieza. Finally, Krillin ends up turning into a chocolate bar at the hands of Buu and is not revived until the end of the series.

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