Dota 2 Patch 7.34b Notes: All You Need To Know

11 months ago By AI Smith

The dynamic world of Dota 2 is always in flux, with patches shaping the game’s meta and balance. Valve’s recent release of the 7.34b patch on August 14th reverberated throughout the community, addressing significant changes that had swept the game in the preceding weeks. 

This update brings much-needed adjustments to restore equilibrium and tackle heroes that were pushing the boundaries of victory. Dive into the Dota 2 Patch 7.34b notes to uncover the shifts and tweaks that aim to recalibrate the competitive landscape.

Restoring Balance to the Meta:

The meteoric rise of certain heroes within the meta had prompted a reassessment, leading Valve to intervene with the 7.34b patch. Notably, Witch Doctor and Sand King were the beneficiaries of substantial buffs in the previous update, catapulting them to nearly a 60 per cent win rate—a statistic that had the community raising eyebrows. The new patch takes a closer look at these overpowered heroes to level the playing field and reinvigorate the gameplay.

Witch Doctor’s Reckoning:

Witch Doctor, who had previously seized the spotlight with an increased pick rate and win rate, faces a series of adjustments aimed at reigning in his dominance. The formidable Death Ward has received a reduction in attack range and a near-doubling of its early-game cooldown. Moreover, the nerfs extend to Death Ward’s talents, curbing its range and damage as the game progresses. With these changes, Witch Doctor’s overbearing influence is expected to be tempered, aligning him with the equilibrium of the game.

The End of Sand King’s Reign:

Sand King, who had surged to prominence with a 52 per cent win rate even before the 7.34b patch, witnessed a comprehensive overhaul to his toolkit. Burrowstrike’s damage has been slashed, Sandstorm’s newfound ability to move with the hero has been curtailed, and Aghanim’s Shard tweaks limit the potency of his Epicenter. The strategic brilliance that propelled Sand King to the top of the meta has been reined in, signalling a shift in the game’s dynamics.

Invoker’s Altered Path:

A rework to Invoker’s toolkit, specifically his Wex abilities, proved to be more potent than anticipated. Valve promptly curtailed cooldown reduction on Wex and significantly reduced late-game values for Ghost Walk. The patch balances out the impact of these changes, addressing the surge in popularity of Wex-based builds that had tilted the scales in Invoker’s favour.

Not All Nerfs: Buffs and Changes:

Amidst the tide of nerfs, the 7.34b patch introduces strategic buffs to several heroes. Abaddon benefits from an enhancement to Mist Coil’s damage and heal, while Omniknight’s Repel receives a shorter cooldown. Marci’s ultimate Unleash, now augmented by a bonus hit for each Fury stack, adds a new dimension to her gameplay.

Dota 2 Patch 7.34b Notes: A Look at Hero and Item Updates

In addition to hero-specific adjustments, the 7.34b patch brings subtle yet impactful changes to items. Glimmer Cape’s cooldown has been extended, while Spirit Vessel’s total cost has been lowered and its attributes bonus adjusted. These item tweaks foreshadow potential shifts in gameplay strategies and team compositions.

Let’s delve into the details of the patch, segmenting the hero and item updates for a clearer understanding.

Hero Updates: Several heroes underwent adjustments to their abilities, attributes, and talents, with the goal of enhancing gameplay diversity and restoring balance. Here’s a breakdown of some key hero changes:

  • Abaddon: Mist Coil’s self-damage has been reduced, while its damage and heal have been augmented. Additionally, the cast range of Mist Coil has been extended.
  • Alchemist: Base armor and Chemical Rage’s bonus move speed have been increased.
  • Arc Warden: Base armor has received a boost, and Magnetic Field’s cooldown has been decreased.
  • Bounty Hunter: Shuriken Toss’s damage has been raised, making the hero a more potent threat.
  • Bristleback: The hero’s strength gain and base mana regen have been increased, enhancing his sustainability.
  • Crystal Maiden: Crystal Clone’s AoE has been expanded, offering more strategic options.
  • Dazzle: Shadow Wave’s heal and damage have been elevated, making Dazzle a more effective support.
  • Earth Spirit: Rolling Boulder’s delay has been extended, impacting the hero’s initiation timing.
  • Enchantress: An increase in strength gain improves Enchantress’s overall survivability.
  • Enigma: Demonic Conversion has been renamed and revamped, now functioning as a point-targeted ability.
  • Invoker: Several adjustments, including reduced base armor and changes to Wex abilities, aim to rebalance his presence in the game.
  • Jakiro: The effects of Aghanim’s Scepter Ice Wall Movement Slow have been toned down.
  • Lina: Dragon Slave’s burn duration has been extended, offering Lina enhanced harassment potential.
  • Lone Druid: A boost in base strength enhances the hero’s overall tankiness.
  • Luna: Aghanim’s Shard radius and collision radius of Moon Glaives have been increased, while Eclipse’s cooldown has been reduced.
  • Magnus: Changes to Shockwave and Empower’s damage amplify the hero’s impact.
  • Mars: Spear damage of Arena of Blood has been elevated, empowering Mars’s area control.
  • Meepo: An increase in Earthbind’s projectile speed improves Meepo’s crowd control capabilities.
  • Mirana: Talent changes enhance the hero’s impact across different levels.
  • Monkey King: Primal Spring’s cooldown has been decreased, boosting the hero’s mobility.
  • Morphling: An increase in strength gain augments Morphling’s tankiness.
  • Night Stalker: Changes to Hunter in the Night’s Aghanim’s Shard attributes enhance the hero’s versatility.
  • Omniknight: A decrease in Repel’s cooldown offers Omniknight more frequent utility.
  • Pangolier: The hero’s strength gain has been elevated, enhancing his durability.
  • Phantom Assassin: A decrease in base agility challenges the hero’s early-game potential.
  • Riki: Base attack speed has been lowered, altering the hero’s attack rhythm.
  • Rubick: Changes to Telekinesis’s impact radius and talents diversify Rubick’s gameplay.
  • Sand King: The hero has received a series of nerfs, impacting his base damage and abilities.
  • Slardar: Adjustments to Bash of the Deep alter Slardar’s crowd control capabilities.
  • Snapfire: Talent changes enhance Snapfire’s support role.
  • Techies: Blast Off! has received an increase in stun duration.
  • Treant Protector: An increase in Leech Seed’s damage and healing improves the hero’s sustainability.
  • Undying: Changes to Aghanim’s Shard enhance Tombstone’s impact.
  • Vengeful Spirit: Magic Missile’s stun duration has been increased.
  • Warlock: Base attack speed has been lowered, altering the hero’s attack rhythm.
  • Winter Wyvern: Changes to Splinter Blast’s mana cost and cooldown enhance the hero’s presence.
  • Witch Doctor: The hero’s base damage and intelligence gain have been lowered, alongside changes to Death Ward.
  • Wraith King: A decrease in strength gain impacts Wraith King’s tankiness.

Item Updates: The 7.34b patch also brought changes to certain in-game items, shaping the strategies and tactics of players. Here’s a snapshot of some notable item changes:

  • Glimmer Cape: Cooldown has been increased, extending its usability window.
  • Spirit Vessel: The recipe cost has been lowered, and the attributes bonus has been adjusted.

These updates demonstrate Valve’s commitment to maintaining a balanced and engaging Dota 2 experience. As players adapt to the new changes, the dynamics of the game continue to evolve, offering fresh challenges and opportunities.

Dota 2’s 7.34b patch marks Valve’s determined effort to steer the meta toward a balanced state. The revisions to heroes, talents, and items underscore the game’s dynamic nature, where adaptability and strategic prowess reign supreme. 

As players delve into this new patch, the ever-evolving landscape of Dota 2 continues to captivate and challenge, promising a thrilling journey for both professional players and casual enthusiasts alike.

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