Chronolith Trails In Final Fantasy XVI: Rewards, Unlocking & All You Need To Know

2 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

In Final Fantasy 16 Chronolith Trials are optional combat challenges that give Eikon the ability to accessorize when each one of the trails is completed for the first time. 

What are Final Fantasy 16 Chronolith Trials?

Every Chronolith Trial is a combat challenge that sets Clive against three different waves of enemies located across three chambers. Thus there are a total of nine waves per trial. Every trial is associated with a single Eikon each having their unique abilities. Although the abilities are locked to a specific build, players can change Clive’s weapon and accessories.

Each Chronolith Trial comes with a time limit and has a set of moves that the protagonists can perform in order to earn more time at the time of the trial. 

Chronolith Trials Locations:

  • Chronolith Trial location for Phoenix
  • Chronolith Trial location for Garuda
  • Chronolith Trial location for Ramuh
  • Chronolith Trial location for Titan
  • Chronolith Trial location for Bahamut
  • Chronolith Trial location for Shiva
  • Chronolith Trial location for Odin

Final Fantasy 16 Chronolith Trial rewards

On successful completion of one Chronolith Trial the player unlocks the ‘Trial Run’ Trophy. Players also need to complete all the seven trials to get a Curiosity for Clive’s Wall of Memories and the ‘For the Hoard’ Trophy.

Apart from the trophies, players also get rewarded with an accessory that boosts the power of an Eikon ability.

RewardAbility PerkHow to Get
The Favor of Fire (Flames of Rebirth) accessoryIncreases Flames of Rebirth damage by 8%Complete ‘The Hand of Hyperion’ Phoenix Chronolith Trial
The Will of Wind (Aerial Blast) accessoryIncreases Aerial Blast will damage by 12%Complete ‘The Hand of Dione’ Garuda Chronolith Trial
The Favor of Lightning (Judgment Bolt) accessoryIncreases Judgment Bolt damage by 12%Complete ‘The Hand of Iapetus’ Ramuh Chronolith Trial
The Favor of Earth (Earthen Fury) accessoryIncreases Earthen Fury damage by 7%Complete ‘The Hand of Titan’ Titan Chronolith Trial
The Favor of Light (Gigaflare) accessoryIncreases Gigaflare damage by 5%Complete ‘The Hand of Mimas’ Bahamut Chronolith Trial
The Will of Ice (Diamond Dust) accessoryIncreases Diamond Dust will damage by 10%Complete ‘The Hand of Rhea’ Shiva Chronolith Trial
The Will of Darkness (Dancing Steel) accessoryIncreases Dancing Steel will damage by 20%Complete ‘The Hand of Enceladus’ Odin Chronolith Trial

How to unlock Chronolith Trials in Final Fantasy 16

You must know about mysterious monoliths like ‘The Hand of Hyperion’ and ‘The Hand of Dione’ who appear as Clive travels across Valisthea. These monoliths are actually Chronolith Trials. When finding each of these, the monolith pins its location to the map. The players cannot utilize these until later.

In order to unlock Chronolith Trials in Final Fantasy 16 players must complete the ‘Fire in the Sky’ mission first. By this the unlocks access to any Trial Clive already has the abilities of.

However, you have to continue with the story if you want access to all seven Chronolith Trials locations.

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