Chainsaw Man Online: Character Origins – Quanxi

7 months ago By AI Smith

Quanxi, also known as 泉溪 (Quán Xī), is a formidable character in the Chainsaw Man series. During the International Assassins arc, she was assigned by the Chinese government to eliminate Denji and retrieve his heart. Quanxi possesses unique abilities as the first devil hunter, capable of merging with demons. Previously partnered with the powerful devil hunter Kishibe, she eventually left her job to become a mercenary. In this article, we will explore Quanxi’s appearance, personality, biography, and her impressive powers and abilities.


Quanxi is a tall woman with cream-colored pony-tailed hair, and she wears an eye patch over her right eye, while her other eye is brown. Her casual outfit consists of a black tank top, long pants, boots, and three sheathes on her back to hold her swords. On certain occasions, she can be seen wearing a brown coat, a white shirt, and a black skirt. In her hybrid form, Quanxi appears naked with a metallic head, adorned with horns and spikes. Her arms also transform into metallic appendages equipped with spike-adorned crossbows.


Calm and stoic, Quanxi is unashamed of discussing business matters while in the company of her fiendish harem, showing little emotion even as her girlfriends fawn over her. However, she deeply cares for her fiends, advocating for their human rights and basic education. She refrains from attacking them, even when they are turned into dolls, risking her own safety. In combat, Quanxi is ruthlessly pragmatic, preferring to dispatch her enemies swiftly by throwing them out of the battlefield, reducing distractions. Despite her lethality, she sometimes chooses to spare the lives of non-targets.

Lazy yet Deadly

Quanxi may appear lazy and apathetic, often indulging in leisure activities such as engaging in sexual encounters with her four girlfriends. However, she is a highly efficient assassin who takes her job seriously. Her seemingly apathetic demeanor stems from her belief that ignorance is bliss. By ignoring the world’s troubles, she finds happiness amidst chaos.

Early Years

Around 50 years before the series’ events, Quanxi became the first official Devil Hunter. She worked alongside Kishibe, who had romantic feelings for her but eventually gave up after Quanxi revealed she was a lesbian. She later abandoned the Public Safety Devil Hunters and moved to China, where she embarked on a career as an assassin. It was there that she met her four girlfriends, Pingsti, Cosmo, Long, and a nameless fiend, forming strong bonds with them.

Powers and Abilities

  1. Martial Arts and Combat Proficiency

Quanxi is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, capable of holding her own against formidable opponents like Kishibe and Yoshida. Her strength surpasses that of her partner, Kishibe, as she effortlessly threw him out of a window.

  1. Agility and Reflexes

Quanxi possesses superhuman agility and lightning-fast reflexes, enabling her to dodge attacks and even stop a moving knife with her fingers.

  1. Bilingualism

As an international assassin, Quanxi is fluent in both Chinese and Japanese, allowing her to communicate effectively.

  1. Swordsmanship

With her arsenal of swords, Quanxi displays exceptional sword-fighting skills. Combined with her devil powers, she becomes a deadly adversary.

  1. Superspeed

Quanxi can move at incredible speeds, often employing this ability alongside her swordplay. However, the sheer velocity of her strikes often causes her swords to break, necessitating her to carry spares.

  1. Hybrid Transformation

By removing an arrow from her eyepatch-covered eye, Quanxi can trigger her transformation into the Crossbow Hybrid. This form grants her access to the demonic abilities of the Crossbow Devil.

  1. Arrow Shooting

In her Hybrid form, Quanxi wields crossbows embedded in her arms, allowing her to shoot powerful arrows at her targets. These arrows possess enough force to create perfectly circular holes in their intended victims.

  1. Regeneration and Immortality

Quanxi can heal and regenerate herself by consuming blood, enabling her to recover from fatal injuries. She exhibits near-immortality and remains unaging due to her devil abilities. Only the complete destruction of her Devil heart can potentially kill her.

In Conclusion, Quanxi is a complex and deadly character in the Chainsaw Man series. Despite her seemingly lazy and apathetic nature, she displays unwavering dedication to her girlfriends and her role as an assassin. With her martial arts prowess, superspeed, and hybrid abilities, she proves to be a formidable opponent. Quanxi’s story and powers contribute to the intrigue and excitement surrounding the International Assassins arc in Chainsaw Man.

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