Call of Duty 2024 Setting Confirmed? All You Need To Know

2 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

The internet has been flooded with reactions ever since the rumors of Call of Duty 2024 began doing rounds. If recent rumors are to be believed, Call of Duty fans can expect a confirmed setting for 2024’s entry into the series. The game is known for its pattern of yearly releases and alternating developers. Likewise, the new title in the series, launching in 2024, will be developed by Treyarch. 

There is very little information available about the upcoming game so far. The developers, too, have not revealed any information, but leaks and rumors give out some parts and updates for us to expect.

Call of Duty 2024 Setting

Ever since 2010, Treyarch has been developing games for the Black Ops series of the Call of Duty franchise. It released Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in 2023, which revolves around clandestine operations of the United States and Soviet Union set in the 1980s. This title was one of the best titles from the Black Ops series leaving fans intrigued on what next Treyarch would bring to the game.

The current leaks and rumors that are spread over the internet do not  reveal any details about the plot. It only gives fans an idea of the upcoming title’s place in the series and the tiff that it will be centered around. The destiny of the different characters from Black Ops Cold War like Adler and Perseus are yet to be disclosed. This could mean, the characters from the last title could return. All the rumors have led to a lot of discussion among fans on online forums and otherwise about what is to come from the hood of Treyarch.

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None of the speculations and rumors have been officially confirmed so far. However, one cannot ignore the fact that in the past there have been instances when these rumors turned out to be true. Hence, it would be safe to set expectations based on these speculations. 

Additionally, it is also loical for the next Black Ops game to happen during the Gulf War. Black Ops Cold War which took place in the 1980s, towards the end of the Cold War and the Gulf War, ended up lasting from 1990 to 1991. It took place right when the Cold War was coming to an end and the Soviet Union was marching its way to its ultimate collapse. This time period can make for an interesting plot to set the next Black Ops game in the timeline, as it will take place immediately after the events of the Cold War.

A Gulf War setting will also enable Treyarch to showcase yet another US president in the game series. Previously Nixon, Kennedy, and Reagan have all made appearances in the game either in a campaign or in a Zombies mode. For the upcoming title, George H.W. Bush will be president and could possibly be a character in the story. 

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