All Teams Qualified For The TI12 Playoffs’ Upper And Lower Bracket

1 months ago By Randell Jhonson

After an exhilarating four days of intense battles in The International 2023 (TI12) group stage, the competitive landscape of Dota 2 has been significantly shaped. The dust has settled, and 16 formidable teams from around the world have secured their places in the TI12 playoffs. These elite teams are all vying for Dota 2’s most prestigious title and a share of the impressive USD 3 million prize pool.

The top eight group stage performers have earned the right to begin the playoffs in the upper bracket, giving them a significant advantage in their pursuit of TI12 supremacy. The teams who finished in the centre of the pack will have to make their way through the difficult lower bracket, where the competition is more intense and every game is a struggle for survival.

Dominance and Perfection: Team Spirit

One of the standout stories of the group stage was the incredible performance of Eastern European powerhouse, Team Spirit. The reigning TI10 champions demonstrated their championship form by delivering an impeccable 8-0 record in Group A. Not only did they maintain their unbeaten status, but they did so with style. In the second phase of the group stage, Team Spirit sealed their upper bracket spot with a resounding 2-0 victory over Shopify Rebellion. Their dominance and flawless record make them a formidable force to reckon with in the playoffs.

Team Liquid and BetBoom Esports: Group B Dominance

Group B saw two standout performers in Team Liquid and BetBoom Esports. Team Liquid wrapped up the group stage with an impressive 7-1 record, showcasing their prowess and determination. This remarkable performance earned them a well-deserved spot in the upper bracket. BetBoom Esports secured the runner-up position in the group with a commendable 6-2 score. Their consistency and strength propelled them into the upper bracket as well.

Team Liquid further solidified their upper bracket standing by delivering a decisive 2-0 victory over the formidable Evil Geniuses in the phase two seeding decider. This victory highlighted their ambition to make a deep run in the tournament and challenge for the TI12 championship.

Chinese Dominance and Surprises in Group C

Group C introduced its share of surprises, with LGD Gaming asserting their dominance. The Chinese squad claimed the top spot with an impressive 7-1 record, showcasing their formidable skill and teamwork. Their remarkable performance secured them an upper bracket position in the playoffs.

Notably, TI12 favorites, Gaimin Gladiators, closely trailed LGD Gaming with a 5-3 record, securing the second-place finish in the group. While they didn’t clinch the top spot, Gaimin Gladiators remain a force to be reckoned with in the TI12 playoffs.

Upsets and Underdogs in the Playoff Seeding Phase

The playoff seeding phase also witnessed some unexpected results. In a surprising twist, North American underdogs, nouns, pulled off an upset by defeating the TI11 champions, Tundra Esports, with a commanding 2-0 victory. This unanticipated victory allowed nouns to secure an upper bracket position and demonstrated that underdogs can emerge as potent contenders in the TI12 playoffs.

Talon Esports, despite a somewhat modest 4-4 finish in Group D, made a remarkable comeback in the seeding decider match. They triumphed with a 2-1 victory over Gaimin Gladiators, securing an upper bracket spot in the playoffs. This comeback story underlines the competitive nature of TI12, where every team is ready to seize their moment.

The TI12 Playoff Picture: Upper and Lower Bracket Teams

As the TI12 playoffs approach, the landscape is now clearly defined. Here’s the breakdown of the teams and their respective playoff seeding:

Upper Bracket Teams:

  1. Team Spirit (10-0)
  2. Team Liquid (9-1)
  3. LGD Gaming (9-1)
  4. Azure Ray (6-4)
  5. 9Pandas (6-5)
  6. Talon Esports (6-5)
  7. nouns (5-5)
  8. (5-5)

Lower Bracket Teams:

  1. Tundra Esports (7-3)
  2. BetBoom Team (7-4)
  3. Gaimin Gladiators (6-5)
  4. Entity (4-6)
  5. TSM (4-6)
  6. Shopify Rebellion (2-8)
  7. Evil Geniuses (2-8)

Now that the path to the TI12 championship has been established, it promises to be an epic trip full of thrilling contests, fierce rivalries, and priceless moments. The lower bracket teams will need to muster their best efforts to make a successful run, while the upper bracket teams benefit from a more forgiving path.

The International 2023 Playoffs will feature thrilling Dota 2 action with a whopping USD 3 million prize pool on the line. These top teams will do everything in their power to secure their places in esports history while the world watches. The globe eagerly anticipates the unfolding drama of the playoffs because skill, strategy, and tenacity combine to make TI12 the peak of professional gaming.

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