5 Games That Are Likely To Be Shut Down In 2023

2 months ago By AI Smith

The gaming industry is a dynamic and ever-changing landscape, with new titles being released and older ones fading away. In 2023, several games have already announced their imminent shutdown, highlighting the challenges faced by live service games. Here are five games that are likely to be shut down this year.

1. CrossfireX, One Year of Xbox goodness

CrossfireX, a free-to-play shooter developed by Smilegate, is set to shut down on May 18. Despite being backed by Xbox, the game failed to meet the expectations of the community in terms of quality and gameplay experience. The closure is particularly surprising as it will also affect the single-player campaigns developed by Remedy Entertainment.

2. Knockout City

Knockout City, an extreme dodgeball game, started under EA’s publishing but later became an independent title. However, after nine seasons, the game will be discontinued. While it had a longer lifespan compared to some other titles, Velan Studios decided to end its development due to various reasons not disclosed.

3. Blaseball

Blaseball, a popular baseball simulator known for its eccentricity, has met its end. Developed by The Game Band, the game gained immense popularity in the early 2020s but eventually became unsustainable to maintain. The team highlighted the high costs, both literal and metaphorical, associated with keeping the game running, leading to its closure.

4. Purple War

Purple War, an online multiplayer real-time strategy game developed by Warlogics, will cease to exist. Despite its potential to fill the void left by popular games like StarCraft or Warcraft, the game faced profitability challenges. The studio announced that the game’s servers will be shut down on November 30, although existing owners will still be able to play it.

5. Super People 2

Super People 2, developed by Wonder People, is another game expected to meet its demise in 2023. Although the game had a unique premise and stood out in the crowded battle royale genre, it struggled to maintain a sufficient player base. The declining player numbers made the game economically unsustainable, leading to its termination on August 21.

In conclusion, the closure of live service games can be a disappointing outcome for both developers and players. The games mentioned above, and even games like Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield Mobile, faced various challenges that ultimately led to their untimely demise. These closures serve as a reminder of the competitive nature of the gaming industry and the difficulty of maintaining long-term success in this ever-evolving landscape.

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