5 Biggest Esports Events To Watch Out In July 2023 

2 months ago By Randell Jhonson

Events in the world of Esports have drawn enormous amounts of attention over the past five years. Major competitions have become more well-known, and a number of summits have also significantly influenced the development of the online gaming Esports industry. 

The Esports industry has grown into a huge industry with significant investments and sponsorships from leading businesses globally, estimated to be worth 1.38 billion US dollars in 2023. Its expansion is also anticipated to continue in the upcoming years.

The month of July 2023 promises to be thrilling for esports fans all across the world. Many major tournaments are planned, showcasing the talent and skill of professional gamers as the esports sector continues to grow and draw millions of viewers. 

Here are the upcoming Esports events to mark on your calendars for July:

League of Legends:

The recent major tournament for League of Legends was the Mid-Season Madness, which saw JD Gaming emerge as the champion. While there are no specific esports events scheduled for July, four regional tournaments will be taking place simultaneously throughout the month. These tournaments include:

  • LPL Summer 2023: May 29th – August 1st
  • LCK Summer 2023: June 7th – August 22nd
  • LCS Summer 2023: June 14th – August 20th
  • LEC Summer 2023: June 17th – July 30th


DOTA 2, considered the biggest MOBA of all time, annually hosts the grandest Esports event known as the Invitational. This year, the prize pool for the Invitational has exceeded an impressive $20 million, making 2023 another remarkable year for the event. 

In July, DOTA2 Esports has two major upcoming tournaments apart from The International 12. These events are the Bali Major, starting this weekend and running until July 9th, and the highly anticipated Gamers8 Riyadh Masters, perfect for those interested in Esports betting. The dates for these two events are:

  • 2023 Bali Major: June 29th – July 9th
  • Gamers8 Riyadh Masters 2023: July 17th – July 30th


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive continues to maintain a massive following despite the passing years. In July, CS:GO fans can look forward to a few upcoming Esports events, including two major tournaments that promise excitement. These events will serve as a buildup to the ultimate CS:GO Esports event, the BLAST Premier: World Final 2023, taking place in December. The upcoming CS:GO events in July are:

  • BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2023: July 13th – July 23rd
  • IEM Cologne 2023: July 25th – August 6th
  • XSE Pro League: July 9th/10th
  • CBCS Masters 2023: July 6th – July 16th

Apex Legends:

Although Apex Legends enjoys significant popularity, it hosts only a few esports tournaments throughout the year. However, there is one upcoming esports event for Apex starting next week, which serves as a prelude to the ALGS Championship in August. The date for the ALGS: 2023 Split Playoffs is:

  • ALGC: 2023 Split Playoffs: July 13th – July 16th


Halo Esports has made a remarkable comeback in recent years, gaining even more popularity in 2023. While there is only one major upcoming esports event in July, several minor events are also scheduled. Here are the Halo Esports events taking place in July:

  • Halo Championship Series 2023: Arlington Major: June 30th – July 2nd
  • Europa Halo – Summer Series Open 1: July 8th
  • Europa Halo – Summer Series Open 2: July 15th
  • Europa Halo – Summer Series Open 3: July 22nd
  • Europa Halo – Summer Series Finals: July 29th

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